Alleged Author

The girls of the Lacuna Cabal Montreal Young Women's Book Club have tried very hard to make their author look fake — applying black and white, doing away with depth of field, adding cartoon colours, overlapping a very poor image of nose & glasses, and, finally, giving him a Greek fisherman's cap that he wouldn't be caught dead wearing in real life.

Perhaps they believe an author must wear such a cap in order to be taken seriously as a Canadian producer of what they believe to be literary nonfiction. Or perhaps the Greek cap means they harbour the hope that their alleged will one day become a bona fide Nobel laureate.

But maybe they only wish he were from what was considered to be the birthplace of Western civilization before Gilgamesh came along (rather than from a city in Canada that isn't even their favourite), where it's a lot warmer than it is here right now.

Bonus. Here's a picture of the author with his brother.

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