I have a Tweetdeck rigged to find references to Gilgamesh. Some of these are really sweet, like a recent tweet from Kaypee who first wrote, 'is Gilgamesh, mostly god but still human,' and later amended it to, 'is akin to Gilgamesh, mostly a goddess but still human.' Or, regarding the colour of his hair, sokaiokyoon wrote, 'this purp so epic I might have to call it the ... !'

Others complain about what dreck the story is, tweeting sentiments like, 'who even cares about Gilgamesh anyway?' Once, when I tried to engage with someone who hated the story, they ignored me, choosing instead to write, 'All because I mentioned Gilgamesh? Awkward.'

Then there's SuperSanko, who is adventuring on line under the name Gilgamesh the Great.

Gilgamesh Trailer - Celebrity bloopers here

But the vast majority of Gilgamesh references allude to a TV animé that takes place in the future, features a sky like a mirror and centres around a pair of twins making their way in a noirish world. I have no doubt Runner and Ruby would be delighted.

Postscript to musicians: don't forget to enter the contest.

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