The Upside of Losing the Fight

Killing Humbaba the monster, who looks just as human as they do.

Priya, from The Girls Who Saw Everything, after Romy plays Humbaba:

‘But what was it like?’ she persisted, earning an approving look from Runner. ‘What was it like to be the monster Humbaba?’

‘Stop pestering her.’ (Missy.)

‘But we have to talk about it, Missy. Otherwise it’s a waste of time. To the victors go the spoils, but the victims get the visions, and people should hear about it.’

‘What people? What visions?’ asked Missy.

‘Us people,’ said Priya. ‘Our visions.’

Romy, from The Girls Who Saw Everything, after playing Humbaba:

‘Since I’m dead,’ she said, ‘I can finally admit that I read all kinds of shit, like even the crappy magazines that I pretend to despise. I read bad, pulpy books, too, and books that scare me, though not so bad as when the rabbits died in Watership Down. I read all kinds of shit, I might as well admit it since I’m dead. And I’d be a hypocrite to mind you comforting the traumatized and fallen heroes, the men, since I wish the women could comfort me too. I do. I really do. I might as well admit it since I’m dead ... ’

She couldn’t quite believe she was speaking out loud like this.

‘Emmy could hold me to her soft breast too, and I would feel her breathing and slow down my breathing to the level of her breathing too. That’s comfort. That’s what comfort is. And people get comfort when they win, not when they lose. Do you see why I want to be alone for a bit? I’ll see you tomorrow, ’kay?’

And then she was gone. Disappeared into the stairwell. Slipped down through the floors and out into the darkening streets as a god.

Romy's bookplate


aimee said...

what a treasure to discover... as an ex-pat to ma belle ville montreal...feel like we must know each somehow in the entangled anglo-artist kibbutz there in mile end....cant wait to see more of what unfolds...truly a.d.
never published a comment on a blog before but i'm compelled just because..... good luck to you and the 3000 blackbirds

Sean Dixon - said...

Thank you, aimee.

Anonymous said...

I feel that I need to comment, if simply to thank you for the richness of the resources you've provided on this blog. My acting class put on The Girls Who Saw Everything (The class led by Matthew Payne, who I believe you know) a few month ago and we were directed to this site as a means of background/character development/interesting stuff. It has been all of the above. In our production I played Romy, in my (biased) opinion one of the most complex in teresting characters, although as we all discovered the play we realized that every character is layered and complex (with the exception, perhaps, of jennifer and danielle), including the seemingly one-sided Missy Bean.
The play was a pleasure to experience, as I'm sure the novel will be when I get the chance to read it!
I was curious as to why the names of Heidi and Russia were changed to Coby and Ruby for the book. Was it just for ease of comprehension?
Thank you, once again, for this awesome blog as well as your amazing play :)

Sean Dixon - said...

Yes, ease of comprehension. I didn't want readers to think I was creating a metaphor for western/Russian relations.
Thanks for yr lovely comment and say hi to Matthew.

Sean Dixon - said...

ps Romy is my favourite part in the play.